Meet the Lab techs

Dr. Gill

Michael D. Gill, CDT
Born in 1974 Michael was quickly introduced to the dental field in 1990 at his step fathers dental lab. Michael was then taught all aspects of ceramics, crown and bridge, orthodontics, partials and complete dentures. After obtaining his certification his studies were centered mainly on removable appliances. Michael is a member of the National Board of Certification and the National Association of Dental Laboratories. Michael is married to Jennifer Gill and they have one 14 year old son Miles. In his spare time he enjoys chasing his golf ball around the golf course. At home he spends a lot of time taking care of their four dogs, two prairie dogs, a chameleon and several fish.

Dr. Moreno

Raul Moreno, was born in 1983 and is from Lamesa TX. He began working in a dental lab in 2009. Raul is married to Monica Moreno and they have 3 kids of their own. They also foster 3 other kids and were named Foster parents of the year in Texas for 2012.