Extractions and Repairs

At the Denture Care Center, we don't just provide new smiles, but can help you get the care you need to treat your existing smile. This includes extractions, repairs, relines, and adjustments. Read more about these services below!

Dental Extractions

The Denture Care Center understands that sometimes, the best course of action for your smile is to extract a tooth. We provide both scheduled extraction services and emergency same-day extractions, depending on the situation and your needs as a patient.

Please remember to discuss with us your health condition and any medications you are currently taking before scheduling an extraction. We will be happy to work with you to make the best decision for both your dental health and overall health.

Denture Repairs

No matter how simple or complicated your denture repair, Denture Care Center strives to provide a quality fix in a timely, effective manner. Most often, your repair will be made the same day, but both the price and length of time required for the repair will vary from smile to smile.

Sometimes, an older denture with years of regular wear and tear cannot be repaired, but again, each case is different. Schedule an appointment to discuss your repair needs with our doctor today!

Denture Relines

A denture relines — the practice of refitting the denture from a new impression of your gums — is a great solution for loose fitting dentures. Getting a denture reline at the Denture Care Center can help boost your confidence and make eating easier and less painful. Even better, most relines can be completed within our same-day smile promise!

Denture Adjustments

If you have pain or soreness due to high spots where the denture rests upon your gums, a denture adjustment may be needed. Denture adjustments are made free of charge for Denture Care Center customers who have gotten their new smile from us within 60 days.